3 Effective Time Management Tips For Busy Moms 

Are you exhausted and feel like you’re being stretched thin as a mom? You’re not alone! 

When I became a first-time mom I felt SO overwhelmed.

I had no idea how to juggle everything and wondered how other moms do it?! 🤯

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Throughout the past year, I learned how to manage my time and ease my stress. 

In this guide, I share my top 3 tips so you can retake control of your days too 🙂

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1. Plan Your Day And Week Ahead 

Take the time to plan your day and week. It will make a difference! You can anticipate and prepare for upcoming activities like taking your kids to their doctor’s appointments or visiting your in-laws. 

Every Sunday, take 10 minutes to plan for the week and every morning, take 10 minutes to plan for the day. 

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2. Use A Calendar To Stay Organized 

If you haven’t tried it already, set up a shared Google calendar to keep track of family commitments, and activities! 

Having an overview of our family’s schedule keeps communication clear between my husband and me. 

The last thing you want is last-minute changes that could lead to stress and conflict. 

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3. Prioritize What’s Important For You 

Sometimes life can feel like a game of juggling different responsibilities and it gets overwhelming. Prioritise what’s important for you. 

Some balls we juggle are made of rubber and will bounce back, but others are made of glass and will shatter. When a ball has to drop, make sure that it’s the right one. 

I value quality time with family and my mental health so I align my priorities with that. 

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You Got This, Mommy! 

I hope that you feel empowered knowing that there are easy steps you can take to manage your time. 

Just know that even if you don’t get through the hundreds of things on your to-do list, you are still the best mom to your kids and you are enough 🙂 

If you found this guide helpful, be sure to share it with your friends! Don’t forget to check out other articles in the Bambina Journal too. 

About The Writer

Ilani Zin lives in beautiful Shah Alam with her husband and 1-year-old son. After she got burned out from working in corporate, she took a leap of faith and started freelance writing. When she’s not writing for clients or her blog Bloom With Bubs, you can find her spending time with family at the park or exploring new cafes. 

She is available for hire and offers SEO writing, ghostwriting, and blogging services with a focus on Parenting, Lifestyle, and Travel content. Reach out to connect!