Her Story
Bambina is a brand made by a passionate mom Shida Khuthairi, who could only dream a little and execute her actions into a living dream. Hustling through time between the different hats she wears in a day, now Bambina has found her place as a brand and as a growing company.
Bambina as a brand, appreciate slow growth in its own remedy. As we are leaving in a fast pace cultured environment, most moms would agree that it is only fair that we own the push-start-pause button to ourselves. It’s definitely an ongoing goal to achieve. In Bambina, 70% are mothers we have mutually agreed on the culture we are implementing. 
As a brand, Bambina aims to remain a safe place to accept differences, respect boundaries, self-advocate to be better, and feel good about our own individuality. After all, God creates us all uniquely different.
Bambina brand produces easy femininity with its classic and effortlessly wearable trans-seasonal pieces. Designed with longevity in mind, pieces are made to look great today and for years to come, thanks to the use of high-quality fabrics, classic silhouettes, and one size for all outfit for women in their unique figure.