At Bambina, we help you live your best life, one comfortable garment at a time:

  • Our clothes are crafted with love and designed to make you feel confident and comfortable inside and out
  • More than just a clothing brand, we’re passionate about empowering and supporting women, especially mothers
  • Our community initiatives foster a safe space where you can strive to be your best self and embrace individuality

Like a supportive friend who wants the best for you and is always there for you – we’re cheering you on. You got this, B! 


Pronounced as /bamˈ
Defined as an endearing term for “little girl.” 

How It All Started

In 2018, our founder, Shida Khuthairi, became a mom and was passionate about creating high-quality children’s clothing. 

When Shida shared the idea with a dear mom friend, Intan Rohani resonated with our brand’s vision and became a co-founder. 

With both of them being moms to sweet little girls, Intan was inspired to name our brand “Bambina,” an endearing Italian term for a little girl.

Bambina’s Growth

As Bambina grew and evolved, we also began catering to women. 

Our team has mainly consisted of strong moms, and building the brand has been like motherhood – full of ups and downs, challenges, and triumphs. 

Despite the challenges, we remain dedicated to creating comfortable, easy-to-wear, and versatile clothing that empowers women and children. 

Fairy God Mother: A Safe Space For Women

Beyond clothes, we’re passionate about empowering and supporting an international community of women, especially moms. 

Our signature community initiative, “Fairy God Mother,” supports women’s mental health and emotional well-being.

Spearheaded by compassionate mamas Norrashidah Azri and Puteri Azureen, FGM provides a safe space for women of all ages to promote balance and equity, free from judgment or expectations.

Through our content, we strive to raise awareness of the varied backgrounds that exist among us, encouraging every woman’s personal journey toward self-growth and healing.

So whether you live in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Europe, or the United States, we hope you’ll feel at home within our safe space 💚

What We Stand For


At Bambina, we believe everyone has the right to feel confident and comfortable in their skin, and we strive to create clothing that helps you do just that. 


Our trans-seasonal pieces exude effortless femininity. Rest assured, our easy-to-wear garments made of high-quality fabrics will continue to look great on you for years.


Our versatile design and classic silhouettes cater to your unique figure. So whether you’re a busy mom on the go or a working professional looking for the perfect outfit,

Feel The Comfort Of a Bambina Piece