Getting your mojo back ladies..

Have you been feeling that you have lost your mojo off lately? Was it something that you have left in your 20s on a traveling trip not so recently. So here’s something we discovered and though that it could benefit you ladies out there.

Ladies, let’s get your mojo back, she’s waiting for you. So where could it be? Is she gone because you’re tired? Is being tired our own doing? As much as we choose to avoid admitting to this, you are allowed to feel so. First off, it’s okay to admit that you’re tired. It’s also okay if you just couldn’t be bother to cook a good meal like you used to, or you didn’t make your kids’ birthday cakes from scratch and it’s okay if your kid had a food today that wasn’t organic.

And yes, social media and Pinterest can be mojo killers. Don’t let the it take your mojo. She likes to be free and doesn’t like to be told what makes someone a good person.

Take a little time to understand how you feel physically. Is your body achy at times? Do you have tension in your jaw? Maybe you are tired because you feel overwhelmed.

So how can you reduce by feeling overwhelmed? Don’t get caught up in the lie that you have to be busy in order to create the life you want. Feeling overwhelmed because you’re busy is a feeling. How you feel about something is entirely up to you. Get your mojo back simply by choosing a different feeling.

Switch you Have-To’s to Get-To’s

So how have you been feeling when you are completing, it’s more like a have-to’s list of thing to do. So that already sound feeling itself is you being overwhelmed. Now we can change that feeling from have-to’s to get-to’s.

Flip that tired attitude around and viewed it as a ‘get-to’If you change the way you think about the way you spend your day and you change the language you use, suddenly you’re in control of your day, not the other way around. Who doesn’t love a little control? 😉 It’s empowering rather than exhausting.

Write it down

When you’re feeling exhausted and worried to make a list of all the things. Write down what you need to get done and what’s stressing you out. Do it in your phone or your personal note book. Leave some peace of mind acknowledging that in this list some of it, let’s let God take care of it which is something that we can never control. Simplify your list to do and simplify the process. Maybe you get your groceries delivered or maybe you cancel that dinner you really don’t want to go to. What you’re left with is the stuff you really can tackle. Your list just got a lot smaller!

Okay ladies, How much of your energy is spent worrying about what others think?

Firstly never quote or doubt your worth on others. Truth is no once really knows what you are going through. Even me writing this, I wouldn’t know. And I have no rights to know or even bother. The beautiful thing is YOU get to decide how you feel about YOU.

Start impressing yourself

So, you know what’s next. Flip that switch and stop trying to impress EVERYONE and start impressing yourself !  So some body scanning and let’s indulge truly what ‘self-care’ is to you. Simple ‘self-care’ things to do to get your mojo back are things like exercise and journaling, not necessarily spending money on face creams or spas. Make space for you. You are how you feel physically and emotionally. Take time to read a book, some of my picks here, taking time to care for my plants, re-organizing my wardrobe and catching up Netflix while my little ones taking her nap.

Luxury time of yourself

Other mojo inducing treats? Make tea or the infamous dalgona coffee for yourself, cook your own lunch and serve them on a nice plating. Maybe put some oils in a diffuser or take a few minutes to breath. I always tell to myself that YOU get to decide how YOU feel, you get to decide what is luxury and how to infuse that into your everyday. Luxury might mean taking the carbs you bought in the drive-thru line at Starbucks and putting them out for pretty and using a carafe for your coffee instead of the paper cup. Fancy right, but it’s basically your own way of doing things as how you feel at your best.

The whole idea of getting your mojo chica back is all about YOU get to decide how YOU feel, what to think and how you choose to treat yourself. As simple as setting small goals, to celebrate YOU. That same piece of  happiness we give to our loved ones on their birthday celebration, that exactly what you should be giving yourself.You cannot expect anyone else to fix your overwhelm, or to make you get your mojo back, make you feel a certain way or treat you a certain way. All that….it’s on you! You’ve got it because it’s always been yours!!

Written by Shida Khuthairi