How did it start – Shida Khuthairi

So here’s how it all begin with Bambina.
It was early in 2018, and I was literally living like a big whale in my apartment, pregnant! Yup and just like most moms, it’s the time where your emotions can be quite challenging to deal with, I’ve been having thoughts on how to stay productive being a mom at the same time figuring out how to sustain my daily living. Well, to begin with, I am the type of person who can’t do nothing, long term or short term.So as I was hibernating, like most women, Instagram was my channel. And for some reasons, I kept scrolling and browsing thru children’s brands from other countries like Australia, NZ and the European regions. I felt a certain connection to what they have designed for kids, and realise that such attention to simplicity, is what my baby needs. Okay la, what the mom wants actually for her kid. haha. Typical Asean mom kan. But hey! I have a point here guys. ” I always believe that it is a must to understand the joy of being comfortable, and the key to it is simplicity. And ideally as a woman, mom and wife, we want what is best.”
For some reasons, God has arranged things to be perfect in His way. As my interest grew stronger, I started doing research on materials, designs and productions. Gratitude with my pass experiences learning it with the experts in retail business. “It was never enough, it is an endless learning but it’s something that you secretly enjoy doing in the midst of hustling.” Along the planning process, I shared this idea with my partner, Intan and managed to convince her to be part of the team. She is now the co-founder and the fashion advocates for Bambina.
Bambina is blessed to have finally grown into something I have hoped for at this moment and most importantly surrounded by great and empowered people which gives the allowance for the brand to grow with values that could benefit others. “In near future, Bambina would also like to aid good values to be within the womanhood community. That’s my goal!”