Killjoy Habits of Mommies

  1. Yelling

We all lose it from time to time but yelling rarely does any good to you or your kids. It only makes both sides feel bad and guilty.

Instead, notice the things that are triggering you and find a way to calm yourself down like taking a few deep breaths.


  1. Not Prioritising Your Needs

You are incredibly important to your family. You need to take care of yourself in order to take care of them. It may feel selfish especially when you have many things to do but its necessary. Think of it as modelling good habits to your kids.


  1. Multitasking All The Time

The ability to do many tasks at once reduces the quality of the output. overtime, accumulation of stress could permanently leave a permanent damage mentally most likely burned out. It is a lot of work one can do as a mom, but please do when you can take it slow. It’s okay.


  1. Judging

I know sometimes we can’t help it, judging the parenting of others instead of judging what’s right and what’s wrong, UNDERSTANDING the decisions made by other parents is solely caring and thoughtful. it helps other parents learn about their children. Judgements could lead to the feeling of hopelessness rather a solution to parent one’s child. In other words it is not appreciated.


  1. Negative Self Talk

Your inner voice doesn’t only reflect positiveness but also negativeness. Be aware of the thoughts and react to it mindfully. Become your own best friend instead of judging yourself. It allures self-love over self-hate.


  1. Being A Control Freak

At times you can’t help it, that’s totally fine. But it is also important to adapt to the nature of others makes a big difference. It may be difficult but allowing yourself to be dependent helps nurture bonds and reduce stress. Let it flow… (breathe)


  1. Mom Guilt

Realize that your family knows you’re doing your best to raise a child. pushing yourself will only stress you out. As long as your children are loved unconditionally and cared for, you’re doing a great job.


  1. Yes All The Time

Having the tendencies to agree with everyone is not often good. Being stern and saying yes to the right things is much more important than to please everyone else. be careful with your options and you’ll be contented with your decisions.


  1. Compare Compare Compare

Looking up to someone is great. Draw a line and separate what you’re going through and stop comparing yourself to others. Social media plays a huge role in this. Know your limit. Always know that everyone struggles differently. so, focus on yourself rather than what you may be lacking.