My 4th Child, this one is special – Intan Rohani

Bambina-Origin: Italian. Meaning: Baby Girl.

I am a mother of three Bambinas, a mother of daughters. I dedicated my life, 7days a week, days and nights to my girls and things can get a little overwhelming most of the time. But that doesnt mean I hate being a mom. I love my kids and they are my heartbeats and my world.


The brand ‘Bambina’ gives me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, to break my routines and to see things in a different perspective, to do new things that I never knew I am capable of doing.

Being the designer of the brand is an eye opener. I get an euphoric feeling everytime our buyers are happy with the designs, something that i wont get from being a stay at home mom.

From a full time housewife to a brand designer, not bad at all right.

To the team, Shida & Dihan, thank you for the never ending support. I wish that failure is behind us and success is infront of us. For the team, for Bambina! ❤