Poetry by Azalia Suhaimi

You hear the name Supermum being thrown around

in many odd places in between conversations

as if she exists,

and maybe she does,

but not in the way she’s able to do it all.


You will cry,

you will scream,

you will doubt yourself,

you will break,

you may occasionally break down,

you may break the rules,

you will rearrange the orders in the manual of the

parenting handbook if there ever was one,

you will follow routines

and then you will break them,

you will have days

you just don’t want to play,

you will do takeouts and drive-thrus

and be done with all things DIY because you need this,

sleep much more,

you will swear by breastfeeding

and then you will swear to be done with it,

at 3am in the morning,

you will feel guilty,

you will feel guilty many times,

when they talk about gentle parenting

and find yourself losing patience another night,

and you will cry again,

and you wonder if you can measure up with all the

Supermums you hear about.


But somewhere in between breaking apart,

you allow light to shine through your broken parts,

to help you try all of these again in a brighter place

because you also love hard,

you love so hard,

and that is why

you will have to be proud.


Because all of these

are exactly why

Supermum exists.

All of these

are exactly why

She’s You.