“The cool aunt” – Nadihan Mohamed

Not a feminist, but Bambina is all about empowering

Hi, I am Nadihan. If you are familiar with our brand, Bambina, you’ll see my face across the IG page and website modelling for the Kasih Collection, Suci. Or, sometimes you’d see the term ‘the Cool Auntie’ across captions on our images, and that’s me. I don’t play a huge role in Bambina. I am more or less a cheerleader to Shida and Intan when they needed the motivation or the push, or when they need to call a vote on a decision, I come into the picture.

I don’t have kids of my own, therefore, partnering in a kids clothing line has never crossed my mind. And when Shida came to me about the idea, pitching about my strengths I could bring into the team, I was reluctant for a bit but then I thought: why not give it a try? It would be challenging, but it could be fun.

Long story cut short, I couldn’t have been more proud with where Bambina is standing right now as compared to where we have started. “We are contented with little, yet we are always wishing for more”. I leave it to you to judge whether that is good or not. But trust me, it gets us somewhere every single time.

Bambina is more than just a brand we created, it’s about journeys of womanhood. Different woman go through different journeys. Bambina lets you create memories with your little Bs (daughters, sons, nieces and nephews, siblings) along your journey by not having to always be a perfect woman, as deemed by the society (being a perfect mother, especially).

Know that Bambina does not only sell you clothing. Bambina is also indirectly empowering you; by creating spaces within your reach, so that you can be you.

At any time of the day, if you feel like you need a friend (or a stranger), you can always reach out to us just to rant, complain, or even compliment life. Because that is what empowering one another is all about 💜